New Librarian with a Love for the Arts Joins the Main Campus Library

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* By Nadi Meyer, KNews Managing Editor *

chappellsharpeportraitDr. Brenda Chappell-Sharpe, the new head librarian at Thomas Dale’s main campus, has a background in the arts and a fever for a fresh start.

“I love TDHS so far! I’m having a blast!” said Dr. Chappell-Sharpe. “ I love seeing the students every day and just helping them and talking to them. I learn a lot from the students.”

As an avid arts fanatic, she’s a good fit for Dale and the CCPS Specialty Center for the Fine and Performing Arts.

“As librarians, we have to meet with our library coordinators. We have a five year plan, but straight from the beginning, it is all about meeting the mission of our school district, and the needs of our students and the teachers” said Dr. Chappell-Sharpe. “I’m looking for ways to make sure that the library resources and us as a staff are able to help teach and collaborate with the teachers.”

Her plans include revamping the book club so it can be jam-packed with art competitions and literature-related competitions. That way students can have a shot at winning prizes and getting hidden talents appreciated. She also has plans for a tutoring center and is going to allow military recruiters to recruit students who are interested in military careers. Of course, she still plans on making sure students can come in and use the library for basic needs.

“From teachers to students and especially our janitors and administrators, I think I’ve made plenty of friends here,” Dr. Chappell-Sharpe said.  “This is a wonderful spot for me.”