Seniors Win 2016 Powderpuff

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* By KNews Staff, Photo by Lorielle Bouldin, KNews Staff Reporter *

The annual Homecoming Powderpuff football game was held on Wednesday,Oct. 12. This is the game  during spirit week where girls at Thomas Dale play football and boys who choose to participate are the cheerleaders.

The girls who choose to participate in the powderpuff game are taught how to play; they are taught the rules of the game and the positions.

On Wednesday, after their preparation, the senior girls and the junior girls geared up and played against each other and the boys executed their routine during half time.

“I wanted to make this the greatest powderpuff team Thomas Dale has ever seen,” junior team coach Charles Posey said.

In the end, the senior girls triumphed, taking home the powderpuff victory.