Almost 1,000 Tickets Sold for Rockin’ Knights in the City Homecoming Dance

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* By Nadi Meyer, KNews Managing Editor *

With the mighty knights winning the homecoming football game against Petersburg on Friday, Oct. 14 , the flow of students that poured onto the dance floor were filled with enough spirit and energy to last them through the night.

From the Cha Cha Slide to Girls Run the World blaring from the speakers, the underclassmen definitely had some things to say.


“Lots of dancing and a lot of talking with old friends,” said Bryce Hamilton, sophomore. “I liked the theme. It was very classy.”

“The homecoming dance was really good actually,” said Bryan Sanchez, junior. “All the people just having a great time is what I’ve noticed.”_jop0116

And of course, as the night got closer and closer to an end, nostalgia hit the seniors, reminding them to value their very last moments as a high school student. The tune All of Me by John Legend ended the night.

“I had a great time celebrating with my friends, even though it was a little sad at the end when I realized that it was the last time we’d get to go,” said Zoe Lancaster, senior.

“I wished that the night could have never ended,” said Shamiya Hayes, senior.