Review: The Wiz

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* By Grace Fields, KNews Opinion/Reviews Editor *

The Thomas Dale Theatre Department has wowed us yet again. They pulled off a flawless performance of The Wiz, with evening performances running from Nov. 17 through Nov. 19 and a family show on Sunday, Nov. 20, at 2:30 p.m.

The Wiz, unlike the original Wizard of Oz, is more modernized and urban, containing thewizscarecroowsoulful and gospel music. The cast included Kyra Trice as Dorothy, Kyler Roundtree as Scarecrow, Corey Norman as Tinman, Jasmine Hawkins as Lion, and Brayden Paitsel as The Wiz.

It would be an understatement to say that The Wiz was fantastic. The acting was amazing, the sets were aesthetically pleasing, and the song performances were more than ideal. I loved the colors used throughout the show like in the Munchkinland scene where everything was bright and colorful and everyone was wearing a color of the rainbow.

The Wiz’s costume was another favorite of mine as well since it matched the theme of the emerald city: green.  “The Wiz’s throne room was my favorite set,” said freshman and supporting cast member Deja Williams. “It was green and wonderful and glittery.”

Evilene’s castle and costume stood out to me the most though. I adored how they turned the playground set into the castle scenery and how Evilene was brought out on this huge throne-like chair. Her costume matched the character as well.

wizlion“My favorite part was seeing it all come together,” said sophomore and crew member Braden Goodwin.

Not only did the main cast pull off perfect performances, but so did the supporting cast members. They were energetic and showed lots of emotion throughout their minor roles while supporting the main cast all at the same time. The TDHS Dance Specialty Center also played a small part in a major way. They brought life to a tornado and a bouquet of poppies using lyrical dance stylings.

The Wiz is a play that will go down in Thomas Dale history!

thewizart2Wiz-themed artwork provided by Thomas Dale High School Visual Arts students.