Thanksgiving – Dale Students Say It’s a Day for Giving Thanks AND for Eating Good Food

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 * By Breeana Brown, KNews Staff Reporter *

Thanksgiving is a holiday originated as a day for giving thanks for the meal and the continuing year. Many people just know it as a day to be able to eat a lot of food, but Thanksgiving was originated by pilgrims.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?  I asked a few Dale students this question.

Sophomore Cody Salmonsen said he love mashed potatoes year round.  I don’t blame him; mashed potatoes are pretty great in my opinion.

Along with mashed potatoes, sophomore Emily Kurbiec said that her favorite food for Thanksgiving is sweet potatoes. I can totally agree with that, except potatoes should not be sweet, it’s not right.

Students also enjoy ham as a part of a Thanksgiving meal. Ham is meant to either replace the turkey, or be another option to choose from other than turkey. Lots of students have said that without the ham, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same.

Some students also said that their favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal is the chocolate pie. As I may not agree with that, because I find chocolate pie gross, but I get it when people say they like it. I would have figured that someone would have said pumpkin pie or something before I thought anyone would say chocolate pie.

Freshman Caitlyn Graham said her favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is the turkey. Many have said Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without it. It really wouldn’t to most people. Turkey is and always should be the main course of a Thanksgiving meal. For my family, it is not Thanksgiving without the turkey.

I have found that Thanksgiving is most people’s favorite holiday because of the food. Thanksgiving is meant to be a day of giving thanks for the food and the preceding year and all the years to come.