Playing the Game “Assassins” at Dale – that sticky note means DEATH

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* By Taylor Evans and Jaliyah Brown, Knightly News Staff Reporters *

For the past several years, students at Thomas Dale High School have participated in a “deadly” game known as AssassinsThe participants, primarily upperclassmen, register with the host and pay five dollars to play. When the game begins, each of the players is given a target to “kill” by sticking a sticky note on their person. The person with the first kill receives ten dollars, the person with the most kills gets twenty, and the last man standing gets the all the leftover admissions money.

There are a few rules. Players are not allowed to hit their targets in the face with their sticky notes or on an item on their person, like their backpack. When a player is tagged out, they must own up to it and accept the fact that they have lost.

There are a number of safe zones, where players cannot be tagged out by their assassin. Safe zones include the cafeteria, and inside a classroom, the bathroom, a car, a place of residence, sporting events, sports practice, club meetings, work, churches/places of worship and school buses. Assassins go after their targets while they are transitioning from classes or from events and outside the school building. The killer must be stealthy, because if the target sees their killer, the kill does not count.

Senior Kelly Truong is running this year’s Assassins’ game.

“I took it upon myself because I felt that I was organized,” Truong said.

When asked who might run the game next year, Truong predicted junior Madison Spiers. “I really don’t know, because a lot of people want to run it,”  she said.

By the week before Thanksgiving, the number of players had dwindled from more than one hundred down to twenty. The rules became more hardcore, and players are now only safe inside of the school.