Happy Holidays from The Knightly News

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* Collected by Lorielle Bouldin and Cora Steele, Knightly News Staff Reporters *

¨I watch Elf and drink hot chocolate with my cousin every year.¨ Gracie Humphries (9)

¨For Christmas, we do a thing called posadas, where we go to a bunch of houses like Jose and Mary when she was about to give birth, and sing songs, pray the Rosario, and then eat.¨ Diana Calderon (11)

¨Every young lady who is 15 or older must cook one dish for Thanksgiving and Christmas we go over the birth of Jesus before we open gifts.¨ Teonna Wright (12)

holiday2¨Every Christmas my family and I do a secret santa and what we do is on every Thanksgiving we put names in a hat and whoever’s name you draw is the person you have to get a present for on Christmas.¨ Janae Campbell (11)

¨On Christmas Eve my family gathers. We all put on pjs, eat candy and junk food, and watch movies all night. Then we open our stockings and then at 12 am we open our gifts. Christmas day we chill and have a big dinner and pass out cards.¨ Tiana Bezares (12)

¨On Christmas we sit and watch Christmas movies and tell stories.¨ Shelyah Tucker (11)

¨Thanksgiving, my family and I decorate our Christmas tree and take Christmas pictures in ugly sweater.¨  Jiovanni Williams (11)