Knights in Need Program Provides Food and Clothing for Dale Students

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* By Victoria Gebremedhin, KNews Staff Reporter * 

 Believe it or not, there are students at Thomas Dale who rely solely on the Knights-in-Need program, a program fully supported by fellow Thomas Dale Knights.

fooddrive1Both West and Main campus have their own respective pantry. The Main campus pantry primarily includes a variety of foods and toiletries, while the West campus “pantry” functions more as a clothing closet, focused on providing clothing to Dale students who are in need. The clothing “pantry” at West campus is under development; this is the first year it has been active.

The main takeaway from events such as the Knights-in-Need program, is focusing on gratitude and realizing that some Knights need a little bit more help than the rest and we should be thankful for what we have and give back to the community in which.

The Knights-in-Need program owes its success to those who leading it, including Dale faculty members Heather Walker, Tanya Dorman, and Rachel Langston.

Walker is the point person. She helps bring in food and clothes for the program and makes sure that students at Thomas Dale are aware and involved in helping their fellow peers.

When asked about the purpose and importance of the Knights-in-Need program,  alker said “that one should always focus on gratitude,” particularly because some Dale students “are in a position where they cannot afford three meals a day.”  

Dorman handles the Main campus pantry. She rotates cans, making sure that soon-to-be-expired  food is ready to be distributed, while her students check for expired foods. 

Langston is in charge of the West campus “pantry.”  She and her students wash, sort, and ready clothes for distribution to students in need.