Doctor Strange: Journey to a Hero

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* By Ash Riddle, KNews Staff Writer *

With a wonderful cast and an intriguing  new twist to the Marvel universe, Marvel Studios newest installment, Doctor Strange, is a must see for any movie goer.  

Benedict Cumberbatch, placed in the role of our  lead hero Dr. Stephen Strange, takes the watcher on his wondrous journey to becoming a true hero, truly understanding the world around him, and self empowerment. His acting abilities are so well fit for the role, it is nearly as if  he is not acting at all.

dr-strangeAll Marvel movies have their fair share of CGI, sometimes having whole worlds and characters completely computer generated. Though none of the previous movies contain CGI of quite this magnitude and scale.

The Mirror Dimension is one example of perfect CGI used in this movie. From twisting New York into stair like sections or using the new form of magic, the CGI is truly amazing.

The movie is perfectly paced, the script and scenes are well thought out. At no point in the movie will you be bored.

I would personally recommend this movie to anyone. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I have no negative comment to make on it. Just make sure you look for Stan Lee, and stay for the end credit scene.