Dancing with the Stars

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*By Abby Sloan, Knightly News Staff Reporter*

It is a Thomas Dale tradition for the Earth Science classes to do a project called Dancing with the Stars. This is when students talk about the different stars in our universe and how they are used. Each class competes against each other to see who will win the Dancing with the Stars trophy and gain complete bragging rights.

For the past few years Jill Cammer, Earth Science teacher, has won a majority of the trophies. Throughout the performances, there have been many different administrative and teacher guest judges. Sergeant Harris, Mr. McLaurin, Mrs. Short, Mr. Kaiser, Ms. Watts, Ms. Neff, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Baum, Mr. Stange, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Lawrence, and Mr. Ball are just a few of the teachers and administrators that participated in the event.

Dancing with the Stars is a fun way to learn about the different stars in our universe. It is enjoyable to watch and to participate in. Maybe one day the whole school will be able to take part in it and enjoy it like they do.