AP Studio Art Students Create Intense, Individual Work

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* By Kattie Daniel, Knightly News staff reporter *

AP Studio Art are putting their love for art and their hearts into an assignment called Concentration.

img_6228To define a Concentration piece, it is a piece of the artist put into a creation – a reflection of what they went through, what they are as a person, and an amazing look at what goes on inside their head and what is important to them.

Take Olivia Erb’s concentration for example. She did it on the gender and race roles that we play. How society tells us to be ourselves but once they see that who we are isn’t to their standards they change us and mold us into something that becomes no longer us. How if we refuse to conform to the old society they choose to act like we are not even human. She portrays the blindness to gender roles, women of color, and beauty standards that more often than not we cannot live up to no matter how hard we may try.

Another student in AP art studio is Christopher Downing. His concentration is “Intensity of Faces.” His work shows the transition of taking off the layers of the human soul to figure out what is underneath. His pieces start out funny and happy with silly faces but the further in you go the more you see how the people hide their emotions. You can see the person smiling on the outside but it is only a face they put on for other people. Inside they are truly broken.


Winston Coles completed his concentration on the concept of Shattering. About his painting of the city “The Big Apple,” he said, “Everybody sees the pretty bright lights but they don’t ever look at the problems going on within it.”

Coles’ artwork refers to the problems in this country and how we choose to ignore them and see pretty things instead. He tries to show that many things we see as pretty are in fact shattered, broken, and corrupt.

The TDHS Concentration pieces will be on display at the Chesterfield County Public Schools Fine Arts Festival, scheduled for a weekend in April 2017.