Watch at Your Own Risk

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* By Taylor Ramey Evans, Knightly News Staff Writer *

With the second season of Stranger Things on the way, binge watching has become more and more popular. Junior Grace Fields describes binge watching as “Watching episodes of a show without stopping. You watch an entire season of a show in an entire sitting.” Fields herself watched Stranger Things in one day.

Many of the binge-worthy shows include Netflix “originals,” such as the aforementioned Stranger Things, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Narcos, but other shows seem to be popular as well, such as Supernatural, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, How to Get Away With Murder, Parks and Recreation, and Grey’s Anatomy.

According to Senior Kattie Daniel, the symptoms of binge watching include sleepless nights, forgetting to shower, and the loss of desire to leave your bed.

But there can be benefits of watching so many episodes at once. One example involves the character development and the story development. Watching episodes of a murder mystery can shed a better understanding on the story itself. Watching one episode a week can lead to confusion, especially with two episodes that take place, chronologically, immediately after one another. The development of characters is easier to see for the same reason. Spending three or four hours a day watching nothing but a character and their interactions can lead to a better understanding of their purpose.