Seven Dale Wrestlers Attend Regionals; One Makes it to States

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* By Nick Maroncelli, Knightly News staff reporter *

¨Overall I was happy with the way the season turned out,¨ Coach Scott McCulley said.

In dual meets, Thomas Dale was 7-5 and 2-1 in conference. Thomas Dale couldn’t finish the tournament due to snow.


Dale beat Manchester and Clover Hill while taking a loss to Cosby, though they never got to meet with James River due to the inclement weather.  

Thomas Dale had seven wrestlers who advanced to regionals; junior Blake Correa was the only to advance to states. Though he did not earn a medal, he did gain a great learning experience for next year by placing in the top 8.

“To get prepared for this season, we (the team) went to offseason workouts and tournaments, “ McCulley said.

When asked about what kind of approaches taken to make the team better, Coach McCulley said, “We focused on creating a more intense practice and also keeping the team disciplined. I try to motivate my team by keeping them in a positive environment because we do have a smaller team this year.”

“I just tell them to focus on themselves,” he said.  INF_2343

An overall summary of what went on at practices and conditioning is that the team did lots of running, series of drills, and heavy conditioning. The running showed that it improved the wrestlers’ endurance.

The conditioning also put these kids into better shape and got them used to strenuous activity while the drills made them more efficient with their moves.

I asked Coach McCulley what kind of mottos he shaped his team around and it showed a lot about him and how he runs his team.

“Have pride in yourself,” McCulley said. “ Believe in what you do and be dedicated one-hundred percent. If you show up and don’t give it your all then you aren’t helping everyone else on the team because attitude affects everyone else. Be dedicated to doing the best you can.  And besides… we’re always looking for new recruits.”

Photos courtesy of Candid Color