Teachers Talk Tattoos

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* By Jaliyah Brown, Knightly News staff reporter *

IMG_15621Tattoos have become a trend for our generation, so it is normal for someone to walk up to us and say ¨Do you like my tattoo?¨ or ¨Yeah, I have four tattoos. ¨

However, do we ever think that our teachers might have a tattoo? It rarely crosses our minds that our teachers have lives outside of school. We ask them personal questions hoping that some would go into depth with an expectation that some prefer not to go into details.

Do you think teachers act the same way about tattoos? Many teachers are for tattoos and many aren’t. Many teachers even have them, but what do they really think?

A few Dale teachers were willing to answer our tattoo-related questions.

IMG_15631Art teacher Mrs. Mix had plenty to say about tattoos. Especially on the opposing side of tattoos. Staff reporter Taylor Evans and I asked her what her thoughts were on students getting tattoos at the age of 16.

¨I think that it is too early; tattoos are permanent,¨ she said. The official age limit is that you have to be 16 with consent of a parents to get a tattoo.

Other teachers such as Mr. Byerson have a different opinion. ¨Tattoos are art…..I just think that it is a different way for people to express themselves,¨ said Mr. Byerson. He even had a few tattoos of his own to show us and told us how meaningful they are to him. (photos above and to the right) 

Meaning is a big part of having a tattoo. Most tattoo artists recommend you get something you like and will never get tired of looking at. Mr. Barringer, who has no tattoos of his own, is a firm believer in that. However, he is not against students having one.

¨I am okay with students getting tattoos as long as they think ahead and get them in places that do not affect their work life in the future,¨ he said.

He also believes that the age limit should be raised to 18. ¨I honestly think the age should be 18, so you have a better idea of what you want, ¨ he said.  Mr. Barringer did make it clear that he did once want a tattoo, but decided not to get one, humorously not knowing why. Who knows maybe he’ll crack down and change his mind.

IMG_15641Mr. Nigro, who has a tattoo on his leg (photo left), agrees with Mr. Barringer on jobs that do and do not allow tattoos.

¨Students should be mindful of where they put their tattoos because many jobs such as the some parts of the military or police, they don’t allow that,¨ he said.

He also touched on age -¨18 without parental consent is a good age to get a tattoo. I believe that if you can join the military at 18 to go and give your life for a country, you can get a tattoo,¨  he said.

Teachers not only give advice on tattoos for us students, but also had comments for colleagues.

¨I am cool with teachers having tattoos. I mean, as long as it’s covered or at least tasteful it’s fine by me,¨ said Mr. Nigro.

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