Opinion: The Ghost of West Campus

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 * By Amber Western, Knightly News staff reporter *

We have all heard the stories. The ones about our infamous West Campus library being occupied by an otherworldly spirit. While we may never know that for sure, we do however have plenty of facts about the history of Thomas Dale and our beloved west campus.

Here are the facts, West Campus as we know it was the original Thomas Dale from 1940 to around 1960. In 1964, West Campus became “Chester Middle” around the same time that the new Thomas Dale was being built, it wasn’t until 2010 that “Chester Middle” became West Campus which was a part of Thomas Dale.

With all of the above in mind let us move on to the blueprints of the school – when West Campus was Chester Middle and the library was a gym. The library back then was by the school office, so when Chester Middle converted back into Thomas Dale’s West Campus, they made changes and additions to the school and made it Thomas Dale’s West Campus..

It is believed that the renovations and the changes in names of the school upset the ghost. It is also rumored that when you go into the library sometimes you can even see the middle light swaying back and forth as if an unseen force is moving it.

Now let’s move onto the accounts of people who have claimed to have experiences with the spirit. Many people have claimed that when they are in old parts of the school they can feel the presence of the ghost, one facility manager even went as far as saying that his radio would get bad reception and start to static when he would enter old parts of the school and then it would be fine again when he would go back into the new parts.