Where are they now: Heather Zoller

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heatherzollerimage*Nadi Meyer, Knightly News staff reporter*

This year, over twenty people in the staff of Thomas Dale have been replaced. One of them was our very beloved Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Heather Zoller. While she did have plans to teach the Honors Forensics class for the 2016-2017 school year, plans changed.

“I am now a Math & Science Coach at Falling Creek Elementary School.  I got the job because my professional skills and abilities meshed well with the duties of the position and I survived the interview process, which is no joke!” said Zoller.

After working at Thomas Dale for 12 years, she knew she wouldn’t be leaving just anyone behind. Just like the family she has at home, the people she worked with on a daily basis became her family as well. Now, instead of sharing the world of science with students, she’s working behind the scenes, helping teachers reach their goals.

“Some days I’m working on lesson plans with a specific grade, other days I might be working with a teacher who wants to try something new in their classroom.  Every day is different and I love the challenges that come my way,” said Zoller.

Even though going to a new school was nerve-wracking, she made sure to get involved to get to know people quickly. Because of her job transition, she claims she’s learning new skills and is growing more professionally. Of course, once a knight, always a knight.

“I miss so many people at Dale. It’s taken me awhile to get used to not having Mrs. Davis, the other half of my brain, right next door. Even though I don’t work there anymore, I still see many of my TDHS friends regularly and I attend school events when I can, so I’m not totally out of the loop,” said Zoller.

No matter how far away she is from Thomas Dale, her former students are still on her mind. Having students reach their full potential is every teacher’s goal and watching her students grow is one of the things that made her job worth it.

“Believe it or not, whether in our class, club or sport, you become one of our ‘kids’ forever so believe in yourself, make good choices, and work hard for what you want.  I look forward to the rest of your story, so stay in touch!” said Zoller.

If you would like to contact Mrs. Zoller, feel free to email her at heather_zoller@ccpsnet.net.