Subnautica Pre-Release Updates Give a Fishy Taste of the Game

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*By Taylor Ramey Evans, Knightly News staff reporter *

images (1)In the gaming world of YouTube, bigger names like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye (along with other YouTubers such as AwesomeCrunch) have been playing a single-player, open world game known as
Subnautica. The full version of the game is due to be released some time in May.

In the game, the player is the lone survivor of a spaceship crash on an alien planet known as 4546B. The planet, save for a few patches of dry land, is completely covered in water. As the player travels around, they can experience dozens of different biomes under the ocean and see hundreds of species of alien fish (some more harmful than others).

As the game progresses, though, the plot line takes a slightly different and darker turn. The player learns of sentient beings that once inhabited the planet known as Precursors, and the player’s spaceship was actually shot down by a massive gun that the Precursors had built in order to quarantine the planet and keep anyone from coming or going from the planet, due to the fatal disease known as “Carar.”  

But all of these so called facts are subject to change. Subnautica is available to the public, but it is, however, still in the stages of development. The final release of the game is scheduled for sometime in May of this year, but at least once every few weeks, updates have been released to the general public, allowing the early access players to experience a little more of the game each time.

The latest update was known as the “Infected” Update came out a few weeks ago. The Cararplayer is now able to see how the Carar manifests on the skin, and is even able to see the telltale green boils on the skin of other sea creatures as well as themselves. The scanner tool is now able to be utilized to scan the player for infection.

A new biome known as the craig field has been introduced. In the craig field, spiked rocks jut up from the ground, and it is, for the most part, pretty devoid of fauna. It is a great new place to mine for resources. The map inside the scanner room has greatly improved in resolution and one of the precursor bases is now fully implemented into the game.
Hopefully, the release of the game will bring even more surprises and mystery to this watery game.