Attack on Titan Review

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*Mateo Stanberry, Knightly News Photo Editor*


  ¨On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the Titans, and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls,¨ said Eren Jaeger, the main protagonist in the Attack on Titan series. Jaeger has a strong hatred towards the man-eating humanoid giants he and the rest of humanity call Titans.

I have been a fan of this television series since my freshman year. Unlike many other anime series, this one was not only longer than most, it left me with questions about how it was going to play out, even during the first episode.

The idea of man-eating humanoids devouring humans was pure genius towards the plot. This idea had caught the attention of many future fans and made us have to think from the perspective of Eren, one of the main characters, about how it feels to be trapped within a city’s walls by such monsters.

Throughout season one, we see Eren develop bonds early on with his fellow companions learning skills he had not known before, growing stronger in preparation for when his battle with the Titans would arrive.

When the time finally comes, Eren lacks the power to protect both himself and his loved ones, but this results in his gaining a power that shocks not only himself, but those around him – who then question his loyalty.

Now as he joins an elite squadron to prove himself, he must watch not only his back, but the backs of those around him as he soon finds out that he alone does not have the power to stand against a force able to kill all of humanity.

aot 2With season two now revealing new episodes every week, the audience including myself can’t wait to see not only how much stronger Eren and his companions have gotten, but also what secrets lie beyond the walls.

If you find Attack on Titan interesting, you can either look it up anywhere on the internet, or you can go to some popular sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation or download their respective apps.
Enjoy !