Water Wars… The next Hunger Games!

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*By Taylor Ramey Evans, Knightly News staff reporter *

Spring is in full swing with the start of Thomas Dale’s beloved student-run competition, Water Wars. The fee to enter was five dollars for each student per team. Almost no one are solo players in this game, and as one student, Daniel Mccloud explained, “I probably wouldn’t win by myself…” Mccloud is working on a team with five other students, including Marc Scarbrough, who made the final eight competitors in the assassins game in the fall of this year.

In order to win, a player must shoot their target with water, whether it be from a water gun or a super soaker. The last team standing wins, and the money is distributed amongst them.

Alliances are able to form, even in a survival game as deadly as this one. As Wayne Barnes explained, he formed an alliance with his classmates, Josh Anderson and Palmer Jones. “They (Palmer’s group) have the most firepower…and tactics.”

But perhaps even a silly game like this one could have a positive vibe. Out of the many students interviewed, all of them expressed that they felt as though Water Wars encouraged students to work as a team and cooperate with one another. Among those, talking to new people, being prepared and gaining a sense of community were listed as positive attributes of playing the game.

Unlike school project groups, money is involved as a reward, instead of a grade, so, naturally, students are slightly more motivated. As Scarbrough explained, students are likely to choose only teammates who are willing to pull their own weight.

Good luck, players.