Movie Flashback: Reservoir Dogs

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ReservoirDogs_2Quentin Tarantino’s unforgettable, debut film, Reservoir Dogs, is set to turn 25 in October 2017. For the lucky people who got to see this film on the big screen, most would say how invigorating and original Reservoir Dogs came to be. Reservoir Dogs opened the gates of Hollywood for Tarantino, and, since then, he has sculpted a new generation of movies that leaves audiences with their mouths to the ground.

In the opening scene, we are introduced to a gang of thieves and past law offenders. For security reasons, they name each other after a color as they prepare to rob a jewelry store. While enjoying a hot breakfast in a local Los Angeles coffee shop, the gang discuss what were modern topics, such as Madonna’s release of, “Like a Virgin”, and their opinions on whether to tip.

Soon after this scene, a more bloodied and gruesome scene appears, during which the audience can obviously predict that the jewel heist went wrong at some point. After all the men get together in a safe warehouse, they begin to question each other on who snitched to the police about the heist and caused the heist to go wrong. Of course, if you’ve seen any of Tarantino’s films you would know that he tells his stories non-chronologically and it’s not until the end of the film that you finally get all the pieces together to figure out what happened.

Reservoir Dogs didn’t shine all the light to its director, Tarantino, but it also shed light on the debut of Andrzej Sekula, a Polish born director of photography. Sekula would go on to shoot photography for Tarantino’s 1994 Best Picture nominated film, Pulp Fiction. Other films shot by him include American Psycho, Hackers, Vacancy, and Armored.

For a modestly budgeted film and being a new, young director and screenwriter, Tarantino accomplished captivating audiences with a new film structure that involved not only gallons of blood and lots of foul language but also built the stepping stone for Tarantino and his future films. If you haven’t seen any of Tarantino’s films, Reservoir Dogs should be a start. Just be prepared for foul language and lots and lots of blood.