Movie Flashback: Aladdin

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*By Victoria Gebremedhin, Knightly News staff reporter *

It’s hard to believe that Disney’s classic, Aladdin, will be turning 25 later this year in November. When Aladdin was released on the big screen, it earned over $200 million in revenue in the United States and over $500 million worldwide. Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, Aladdin became the most successful film in 1992, and it set off to win many award nominations, including two Academy Awards: Best Music and Original Score.


Aladdin_1The film is based on the classic tale from the Near Eastern collection known as the Arabian Nights. Aladdin itself revolves around a homeless young man who dreams of living in lavish castles and not having to steal food to survive. While the main character, named Aladdin, seems to do nothing to accomplish these dreams, as the film progresses the audience gets to see another side of Aladdin.


Soon after the opening of the film, he is deceived by the Sultan’s grand vizier, Jafar, to go inside a cave full of riches and gold to find a magical lamp. After finding the lamp, Aladdin and his pet monkey, Abu, are trapped inside the cave. By using the magical lamp, Aladdin unleashes the Genie (voiced by Robin Williams) and gets a total of three wishes, which Aladdin uses throughout the film to try and capture the heart of the Sultan’s daughter, Princess Jasmine.


Aladdin may seem similar to Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, but one of the big differences is the protagonist. In the earlier Disney film releases, the protagonist has always been girls, but in Aladdin the protagonist is a boy.


With the help of Robin Williams voicing the Genie, Aladdin not only became a groundbreaking film, but it also became the center of home entertainment in which both kids and parents could enjoy any day of the week.