Where are they now? – Michael Panter

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Where are they now? – Michael Panter

By: Nadi Meyer


Before Dr. Sharpe, our head librarian, came to our school, there was a New York native and gaming fanatic that was in her place known as, Mr. Michael Panter. He worked at Thomas Dale from the fall of 2014 up until the end of the 2016 school year. With the power of technology and some clever thrifting, he turned a quiet library into a place where anyone could feel welcome.

Dr. Sharpe has worked hard to keep the library in its imagination-invested glory. Creativity is still kept in sync with the people through arts and crafts and other community projects. People with various types of interests have drenched the library with all the love and care that they have just like in previous years. Even with all that’s going on now, there are still many students curious about where the change in power lead the former TDHS librarian.

“I’m now over on the west coast where I’m living in Tacoma, Washington. It’s about forty minutes south of Seattle,” said Panter.

He now works at Bonney Lake High School, home of the Panthers in Pierce County.

“Working at Bonney Lake High School is different,” said Panter. “It’s a smaller school with about 1,600 kids, but it’s growing in size. The library I’ve inherited is in great shape. I’ve just gotta bring in the Panter flavor,” he added.

Although he’s adjusted well in his new surroundings, he still misses the students, whom he’d call a group of vikings, and teachers including Mr. Young, an English teacher, and Mrs. Ellis, a math teacher.

“If I could say something to my library family at Thomas Dale, I’d say to remember that it’s about community and about sticking together. … Continue to keep it fun and keep the viking spirit strong,” said Panter.