Dale Football Answered the Question : YOU KNOW WHO!

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By Mariah Granai, Knightly News staff writer 

Knight lights got vivid when Thomas Dale took on their rivalry, Matoaca High School, on Friday, Sept. 22.

 Within the first quarter with 3 minutes left until the second,  Matoaca scored a touchdown, leading 6-0.  By the second quarter with 7 minutes left, Dale made two striking comebacks, now leading the game, by 14 points.  

By the third the Knights had worked their way into dominant standing by heading the game with 21 points and still leaving Matoaca in the dust at 6.

By the time the fourth quarter had rolled around, the Knights scored another touchdown, making the game 28-6.  In the final minutes of the game, both teams continued to score.

Knights Football had a thrilling victory over the Warriors by 42-20.

“It was a great game,” said Thomas Dale football coach Dennis Jones. “The ‘whos from whoville’ were silenced !  Great team effort [even] with the distractions and rivalry, [we] really hung together.”  

Coach Jones mentioned two players specifically for their contributions. “Chris Tyree, ‘The Jet,’ scored three touchdowns during the game, and Adam Hall had a great interception,” he said.

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