’17’ by XXXTENTACION gives listeners a glimpse at his innermost thoughts, dreams, and nightmares

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by Christian Garcia, Knightly News staff reporter


At the end of August this year, controversial artist XXXTENTACION released an album labeled 17. In this album he draws his inspiration from difficult times in his life. The album features Trippie Redd, an up and coming rapper and samples the mysterious Shiloh Dynasty, an anonymous artist.

The intro titled “The Explanation” goes into detail on the album. It has no background music, which gives a more person to person feeling. He starts with his inspiration for the album at the beginning of the verse,”My collection of nightmares, thoughts, and real life situations I’ve lived”. He gives the reason for labeling the album, “17 is the number tattooed on the right side of my head, my own personal number”. He then states that at 17 is when turned “numb”. He then goes on explaining that the money he makes is nothing to him, what he really values is the acceptance of his emotions and thoughts from his fans.

The first song on this album, ”Jocelyn Flores,” named after the suicide of one his close friends, starts with a sample by Shiloh Dyansty to a slow beat, then gets a little more aggressive. Like most of the following songs on this album it has a sad meaning to it. He talks about his personal pain and suicidal thoughts. He talks about how he helped his friend, hates himself and everything around him is seen through a pessimistic light. X finishes the verse by talking about his uncle who committed suicide and how much PTSD has affected him.

The second song “Depression and Obsession” is played entirely on a guitar which gives a feeling of longing and emptiness. This song is mainly about his ex-girlfriend Geneva Ayala who accused him of beating her which led to X’s incarceration. This song is about how his depression and his obsession of being with her [In a romantic way not stalker way] was not a good mix and left him worse than he already was.

The next song ”Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares ft. Shiloh Dynasty” starts with another sample by Shiloh Dynasty and has an alternative R&B beat. The first verse is about how falling in love and getting attached to a woman is a recipe for disaster. X sings about how it’s better to stay how you are instead of facing reality in these two lines,”Don’t wanna go outside ‘cause I hate traffic. Don’t wanna go outside, get caught in traffic”. X then goes on to talk about how him and people with depression can get trapped in an unhealthy thought process which ends up damaging them.

The next track ”Revenge” was previously on another album, but X removed it from that album. This track has a sad and regretful tone. This song is mainly about his ex-girlfriend Geneva. In the intro to the song he says,”I think I finally found a way to forgive myself. From mistakes I made in the past. I think that’s the first step, right? You agree?,” showing that he blames himself for everything bad that has happened in his life.The main verse is about the toxicity of his relationship with Geneva Ayala, who accused him of beating her, stole money from him, and cheated on him while he was in jail. The outro repeats this,”In my grave I’ll rot”. This is my favorite song in the whole album, because the lyrics flow really well with the beat X produced.

The next track on this album named,”Save Me,” describes X’s pain and his cries for help,”So save me before I fall”. The tone of the song is brought to life by the drums and the guitars in the background.

Next up, on the track is a short interlude titled,”Dead Inside,” which is about X’s belief that love is dead after all the heartbreak that he’s gone through. He also calls out Geneva again for cheating on him while he was in prison.

One of the more popular songs on the album ”F**** Love ft. Trippie Redd” focuses on X and Trippie’s past relationships. Trippie’s verse is about women cheating on him and how much he misses them. X’s verses then goes on talking about the how the breakups lead to physical and emotional pain. Trippie comes on the chorus telling his ex to not,“throw away their love”.

The ninth track on this album,”Carry On,” samples Shiloh Dynasty yet again and has a smooth early hip-hop mixed with R&B beat which complement the lyrics nicely. In the first verse X sings about how Geneva left him wounded, but somehow he finds the loneliness comforting and he still loves her. The second verse is about X’s struggle to keep moving forward after Geneva.

Tenth on this journey of an album is “Orlando” sung to a piano on the background.This song is mainly about how X is in a constant cycle of heartbreak and depression. The title has been speculated to be about his arrest in Orlando, Florida last year.

The last song on this album “Ayala (Outro)” is X’s last diss to Geneva. He elaborates on how the pain will stay with him on the second line,”She showed me fake love, can’t forget”. He talks about how he made a list of regrets and and she was first on that list.

I personally loved this album. It was a nice contrast to most of his music. He allows his fans to uncover what makes him XXXTENTACION. I would give the album a solid 10/10.