Get to Know: Coach Price

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By Lorielle Bouldin & Mariah Granai, Knightly News print editor in chief & sports editor

Jamarri Price has been working at Thomas Dale for 5-6 years; he started out as a volunteer for one year and for the past 4 years he’s been teaching physical education.

Price grew up in King William County, and attended King William High School. There, he played 4 sports, including football, baseball, basketball, and track. He received a varsity letter in all four sports. He continued his track career at VCU, where he graduated in 2009.

Price’s hobbies include fishing and hunting, “I keep a tree stand and a fishing pole in my car at all time,” said Price.  He also enjoys spending time with his three year old niece. He went on to show videos of her not only completing a whole puzzle, but also already becoming a track star.  

His music selection includes a variety of three different categories. “I really like Hip Hop, R&B, and Country.”

His favorite school subjects are English and History, “I’m not just a P.E. teacher.” His passion is in coaching track, which runs in the family from his father and sister. Price is not just a track coach, “I’ve also coached basketball and football.”

Price has a strong opinion on the dress code, “We need dress code, I feel you should be able to wear what you want but it is a school not a fashion show, this is an institution of learning.”

Price enjoys many things about Thomas Dale but what he likes most is the diversity. “I love the diversity of interests we have, many students I can relate with and I can have conversations with everyone.”

If there was one thing he could change, however, he said it would be the two campuses. “Our freshmen do not get the real experience of high school.”

His proudest moments at Dale are when students get signed to colleges.