Dale Swim Team Excels with Members who Swim Year-Round

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By Ainsley Cummings, Knightly News Staff Writer


Thomas Dale Swimming, a very young program at Dale, excelled this season. They have many different swimmers who swim year round for swim teams such as NOVA and Poseidon. These swim teams have shaped these swimmers into exceptional athletes which has helped grow the swim program here at dale.

Swimmers such as Kayla Frink, senior, has been swimming for 9 years; she has been on the Dale team for 2 years and is one of the many key swimmers for Thomas Dale. Kayla stated that she enjoyed the close relationships she made with her fellow teammates these past two years, and she really enjoyed getting back in the water and meeting all the new swimmers.

Dale freshman Maggie Reid has been swimming for 8 years; this is her first year swimming for Thomas Dale.  She said that she enjoyed this season due to getting to swim for her school and with some of her friends. The highlight of this season for her was swimming the 500 free for the first time.

Reid and Frink both take very challenging classes but both mentioned that, with help and the understanding from teachers and coaches, they are able to balance both challenging classes and every day practices. Thomas Dale Swim Team ended the season with a well fought regionals!