PC vs Console: Which is Better?

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by Christian Garcia, Knightly News staff reporter

PC or console: the age old question. Some games can be argued to be better on console and some better on PC. However, for most games, the former is true.

For example, when asked why Fortnite is better on PC, Louis Garcia, a freshman at Dale, said, “No matter how fast you can build on console, you can never beat a PC player in a build off.”

This is mainly due to the fact that keybinding is a thing. Keybinding is a mechanic found in most games that allows the player to map the controls to better meet their needs. This allows you to build with the click of a key which is extremely simpler than the method of a console.

The console method involves pressing O or B, depending on the type of console, then having to scroll through the different platforms by repeatedly having to press R1 or RB. This takes valuable milliseconds that can cost you the game.

PCs are also more customizable, not just externally, but internally as well. What this means is that consoles have a fixed graphics card, but with a PC you can change literally every single piece of it.

The only real downsides to PC gaming are costs and controls. A decent gaming PC that can run Triple AAA games like PUBG and Far Cry 5 on an okay graphic setting and stable frame rate will set you back a minimum of $600. Meanwhile, a PS4 will cost you around $250. Besides the systems, a decent monitor and television will cost you around $200.

The other downside is the major difference in how you play the games. Sure, you can hook up a controller to your PC, however, that takes away from the experience of playing.

Unfortunately, making the switch to mouse and keyboard can be difficult as it is completely different to a controller. You have to get used to making split decisions without your fingers having a stroke and pressing the wrong key. I cannot stress how many times I have pressed caps lock instead of sprinting.

Basically, if you have the money for a decent PC rig, then go for it. If you don’t, then just stick to a console.