Summer Jobs: the Go-To Way for Teens to Make a Quick Buck

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By Jordyn Henderson, Knightly News staff reporter

It’s May, one month away until our seniors graduate and summer begins. Summer is a time for fun and for family, but most parents don’t expect their kids to be lying around all summer.

To keep their kids out of trouble, parents put them in camps, athletic leagues, and, every parents favorite, summer jobs. Summer jobs help teens get money, gain life/leadership experience, and build communication skills.

There are perfect jobs that fit different people based on who they are and what they like. You could work in restaurants, theme parks, clothing stores, movie theaters, at home services, do internships, and become camp counselors.

Listed below are jobs that are teenage-friendly and hire at the age of 16 years old or higher. There are tons more jobs that are available that have not been listed, but most of these jobs are close to the Chester area.

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If you want to continue to look even further into employment, here are some links to help you find available jobs close to you:,-VA-jobs.html