A Thomas Dale Original and Most Loved: Generations Day

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The Senior Citizen’s taking a fall and “breaking a hip.” 

“Generations Day is so much fun, I love the senior citizens.” Said Freshmen, Tilea Hillard

“I love that dale is so involved, especially on generations day.” Said Freshmen, Kenjae Lundy

“When I don’t see people dress up, I just shake my head.” Said Freshmen, Candice Loper


“I love how everyone participated!” Said Sophomore, Yadirah Gomez

Two Dale Students Dressed as “Dad and Grandma” to show their Knight Pride


Thomas Dale Seniors Dress as “Senior Citizens” After Waiting Four Years for Their Turn

LaurenM_generations_day (1).jpg

“I love Generations Day! Said Senior, Lauren Breeden, “Dressing up and acting like a senior citizen all day is so fun, I’ve been waiting four years for this, so I defiantly went all out!”

The Knights “Dark Zone” Showing Off that they’re Lifting Weights in their Old Age

The Younger Generation of Thomas Dale Dressed as Toddlers For Day Four of Spirit Week 


“At first I wasn’t sure how to dress for toddler day, but in the end it was really fun and generations day is by far my favorite day!” Said Sophomore, Lizzie Rusnack


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