On Oct. 12 Thomas Dale’s Football Team was the only Hurricane Petersburg Needed to Look Out For

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By: Erica Wall and Layne Robins, Knightly News Staff Reporters

Layne hoco game .JPG

The Knight’s Dark Zone Playing through the Hurricane! 

Due to the hurricane, school closed early on Thursday, this caused Dale to close Friday. Although, this was a setback for our spirit day, Friday’s game against Petersburg was set to start at 7 pm.

The stadium was thundering with students participating in the maroon out and seniors wearing their crowns. The stadium was roaring with not only students but parents and faculty.

Cheering alongside the fans was Rick D’Abreu, a senior who is still recovering from an injury that happened in September.

The Knights were fighting hard against the Waves, it was a close game between the two teams. However the Knights never gave up and they managed to win 28-24.

At the end if the first quarter the Knights had a lead of 14-0. The Waves complete a pass for a touchdown, they also completed a 2 point conversion.

With nine minutes remaining in the second quarter Petersburg made another touchdown, followed by a 2 point conversion, which made the game tied at 14-14. At the end of the third quarter the Petersburg Waves were up with a score of 22-20.

Eight minutes left to go in the game the Knights make a touchdown and a 2 point conversion, bringing the score to 28-22 with the Knights in the lead. Under a minute to go and the Petersburg Waves make 2 points off of a safety. Ending the game with the Thomas Dale Knights on top with a score of 28-24.