Jimmy Hayden Dominates the Football Field

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By: Layne Robins, Knightly News Digital Editing Manager and Staff Writer

laynes player of the week

Jimmy Hayden is a two time recipient of “player of the week” on defense. He is being recognized this week for his exceptional performance in the home game against Prince George on November 3.

Making 10 tackles and 2 goal line saves, he also had 2 pass breakups preventing the Royals from scoring.

On the last drive of the game Hayden stopped the Royals #7 from making a touchdown.

Hayden helped finish the game at 28-20 with the Knights on top; “It was a hard fought game but we pulled it out like we have so many times this year” said Hayden.

Before games Hayden takes time to focus on the game and think about a few game goals he wants to achieve. He also trains outside of school during and after football season.

His father is his biggest supporter who watches his games. On the way home,  will talk to him about his performance and will give Hayden pointers. Hayden was even coached by his father in his recreational days.

Thanks to his father, coaches and teammates, Hayden is a great player!

Laynes player of the week