Thomas Dale Knightettes Take On Their Second Competition of the 2019 Season

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By: Knightly News Staff Reporter, Heather Powers

On January 18, 2019 The Thomas Dale Knightettes Dance Team took on their second competition of the season; The Kelly Green Invitational, hosted at Clover Hill High School.

The 5th annual Kelly Green Dance Team Invitational, hosted by The Clover Hill Cavalettes, featured seven dance teams from schools such as; Thomas Dale, Clover Hill, Cosby, Lee-Davis, Powhatan, Midlothian and Manchester. The teams competed in kick, jazz, pom and hip-hop categories; each category having 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners as well as an overall grand champion.

“Through being on the team for 4 years now I feel that we have grown a lot stylistically. Dance team has pushed me a lot, especially being a captain this year, because every year brings a new group of girls; along with that bring new strengths and weaknesses,” said senior co-captain Kaylie Blake.

“The Kelly Green invitational has been my favorite competition of the season,” said sophomore Braje Hill, “With it being our second we have our routines set and we really just get to focus on having fun.”

Next year, Hill hopes to be on the team again as a junior, “I’m always excited when it comes time for try-outs and when we find out who’s going to be on the team next year, who i’m going to start friendships with and who i’ll be standing with on the sidelines, basketball court and competing with next season.”

The Thomas Dale Knightettes will be competing in their next competition February 23, 2019.


Photo by: Knightly News Staff Reporter, Heather Powers