Thomas Dale Swim Team Has Yet Another Successful Season

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By: Ainsley Cummings, Knightly News Sports Editor

The Thomas Dale Varsity Swim Team, a new team to the school, has entered their second year, and it has been an outstanding season. Holly Giddings(11th), a first time Dale swimmer, had an intense but fun season.

“I enjoyed being on the team because it was fun getting to know girls from different grades who share similar interests with me, said Giddings, as the team got to bond at their daily
practices and weekly meets.”

Giddings expressed favorite memory from this past season was “The first time i had to swim the 500 free, which is 20 laps, because i didn’t think i was going to be able to finish it.”

Holly has played Varsity Lacrosse at Dale since her freshman year so she knows how to balance making it to practices on time and getting her school work done also.  “My coaches are very understanding of how stressful our lives were outside of the pool and that helped me balance all of my extracurricular activities.” Said Giddings.

As the 2018-2019 swim season wraps up, Giddings was happy with the overall outcome of this season. She stated that her team had a lot of strong swimmers which helped and will continue to help the team do well!


Photo by: Via Instagram @Gotdknights