Thomas Dale Speaks On The Changes In Spring Break

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Erica Wall, Knightly News Staff Reporter


Along with the many changes that have happened this year at Thomas Dale another change is coming in April. However, this change is for all of Chesterfield County Schools-Spring Break.

Chesterfield County Schools decided, starting this year, that spring break will be the first week of April. This is a change from when spring break used was based on Easter, so students would be off around the holiday for the families that go out of town.

They decided this because families used to have to wait for the school calander to come out to know when the break would be. This caused conflict due to vacations that some families would plan in advance. Sometimes making reservations on the wrong dates, causing those students to end up missing school.

However, this change may still result in students missing school due to being out of town for the Easter holiday visiting family.

Haley Runyon, Senior at Thomas Dale, when asked how she felt about the change responded, “Its okay, but I think we still need a three day weekend around Easter because people go out of town to see their families, but it’s still spring break.”

This change may result in how students spend spring break, because having the break earlier means it will not be as warm as it usually was.

This change has faults and benefits but will this change be more beneficial than having spring break around Easter? This is something that the students will soon find out in April.


Photo by: Cecilio Morazan, Senior