Tropical Monday: Dale Hits the Beach

“I chose to be a pineapple for tropical day because it’s my favorite tropical fruit.”  Mallory Lenz (10) “My tropical look was inspired by the dad shirts I had in my closet and my mom’s old leis from her ’20’s.” Lexi Theriault (12) Photos by Grace Fields, Knightly News Online Editor-in-Chief, Lauren Mantzouris, Knightly News

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Vote Now! Homecoming Court Voting is Open!

By Christian Garcia, Knightly News staff reporter   Freshman Homecoming Court Nominees: Prince- William Maderski, Esai Givens, Alex Kanode, and Ryan Bartlett. Princess- Yasmeen Ramadan, Kyia Barksdale, Chasey  Barber, and Jayla Carr.   Sophomore Homecoming Court Nominees: Prince- Dylan Shephard, Chris Tyree, Brian Davis, and Chrishaun Saunders. Princess- Madison Hundley, Aaliyah Harris, Bryana Potts, and

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Knights Go Wild, Dress Like It – Spirit Week 2017

Spirit Week: Monday 10/23: Tropical Monday Dress as if you continually vacation in Tahiti or some other tropical beach place (not the Amazon) Tuesday 10/24: Time Traveling Tuesday Dress in your favorite decade or era. Wednesday 10/25: Character Day Dress as your favorite book, movie, comic, etc. character. Thursday 10/26: Generations Day Freshmen: Babies/Toddlers Sophomores:

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