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Today, Jan. 11, is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

By Soren Rutherford, Knightly News Staff Reporter The Senate created Human Trafficking Awareness Day to recognize the fact that modern slavery is not just present in third world countries, but even in a country as large and advanced as our own. Otherwise known as Neo-slavery, human trafficking is a horrendous crime that has yet to

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The Reality of Sexual Assault : Stop Denouncing Survivors Who Tell Their Stories

By Soren Rutherford, Knightly News Opinion Editor From 1980 to 1989, there were a total of 11 political sex scandals across Ronald Reagan’s whole two-term presidency. In 2018 so far, there has been a whopping 60 sexual misconduct allegations. Senators, representatives, federal judges, assembly members, & even the President himself, all had or have allegations

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